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Monothematic Conference Master Class
Cystic Fibrosis related Liver disease
28th - 29th January, 2016, Paris, France


Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the first ESPGHAN monothematic conference on Cystic Fibrosis related liver disease (CFLD).

Traditionally, CFLD is a childhood disease, but increased life expectancy has led to CFLD patients advancing well into adult life.

Three developments are expected to have major influences on the prevention and treatment of CFLD and on the understanding of its pathophysiology:

  1. Biomarkers and non invasive tools to measure liver fibrosis
  2. Treatments including CFTR correctors or potentiators, and bile acid analogues or antifibrotic agents;
  3. Experimental models allowing for pathophysiologic and mechanistic studies and identify possible targets of interventions. Recently the possible roles of the intestinal microbiome, of nuclear hormone activation and of extra-epithelial expression of CFTR in the development of CFLD have been hypothesized.

This monothematic conference on CFLD is a unique chance to provide an overview of these emerging fields:

  1. the clinical course of CFLD into adulthood;
  2. the definition of relevant parameters for CFLD development and severity to assess the effects of novel treatments;
  3. the understanding of CFLD development based on studies in novel experimental models.

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris in Januray 2016.

Dominique DEBRAY
For the Organizing Committee


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